Jeremy WilliamsMy name is Jeremy Williams and I am a dual national British-Australian living in Queensland, Australia. I am a PhD economist with a special interest in sustainable development, which is also the main focus of a personal blog I maintain entitled Ruminations.

I have been making use of technology in education since I started out as a high school teacher in the UK in the early 1980s, and I have always been interested in how it might be harnessed to create authentic learning environments; a topic I blog about here: Authentic Learning.

My main day job is to serve as Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise (APCSE) at Griffith University. I also serve as an adjunct professor at Asian International College (Singapore) and NEOMA Business School (France).

The contributions to this blog are made by students enrolled in a Masters level course entitled Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage at the NEOMA Business School (and earlier at QUT). It is a receptacle for engaging ideas, interesting case studies, and critique of media stories on sustainable development.

Comments from individuals not enrolled in this course are most welcome. Note, however, that due to the nature the blog, intense periods of activity are usually followed by a protracted periods of non-activity.

The image header is Smøla Windmill Park, Norway (© fotofashion.no)