Health Crisis Perspective

CAUSE: Lack of Regulation for Waste Management
Obvious we see here a scenario where over population leading to abject poverty coupled with a lack of regard for the environment over scores of years has dire consequences. The ultimate effect of these consequences are lower life expectancy and death by preventable ailments for children. I know this is an extreme example and it may be hard for those that have never travelled to third world areas or seen them on the television to fully grasp the weight of such circumstances. Although pollution does not run as rampant in G8 countries such as the ones many of us live in it is important to search for examples of where things have gotten out of hand to provide perspective on how important preemptive measure are in mastering the delicate balance between business and the environment……………

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One comment on “Health Crisis Perspective
  1. ulrike says:

    The article stresses that in particular children are concerned by deseases and death danger caused by lack of “effective” waste management.
    This brings into my mind the issue of AIDS. The problem as a whole would be worth an own blog. That’s why I took the aspect of children, to continue Andrew’s reasoning. One of the countless pages on AIDS ( points out that the infection of children is mostly due to their mothers, who are infected and pregnant, or to contaminated transfusions. Regrettably, scientists did not find something to heal infected people. At least they found medicine to prolongate the lives of infected persons. In the context of sustainable development one big issue is to fight Aids. Fight it from the medical improvement side, so work harder on a “solution” (or a miracle?). And fight it from the prevention side. I do explicitly not concretise a certain region. In developing countries mostly people don’t know that they are infected or do not prevent infecting their fellow men for several reasons (religion,…). In developed countries it is alarming how people think of aids – they do not feel concerned (“this could not happen to me”). Another subsite of this internetsite above has some figures: 5.3 million new infections (estimated) in 2000. You should have a look on the paper showing figures by regions, gender, risk and so on! (
    To pick up the idea of Andrew to think about the role of business – this is one main issue of the AIDS problem! Why is the health care concerning AIDS in LDCs so bad? Why don’t they dispose of the medicine the “Industrialised” countries do? Which role play profits of pharma companies?

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