Interesting Article on the efforts of LDCs
I thought that this was an interesting article about efforts to raise awareness about sustainable development in LCDs, particularly those where issues such as poverty, hunger, and pollution run rampant. A source in the article states that there can be no sustainable development without efforts to create sustainable urbanization and, without intervention, as many as one in three people could live in slum like conditions in many of these areas by 2033. Cleary there is much more that needs to be done to give these individuals any chance to live in areas with clean air, water, etc. This must be acheived before anyone can even begin to suggest that the ultimate end, in which economic development in these countries would lead to any semblence of parity in the world, is in sight. But the paradigm shift will not happen over night and articles such as these serve as encouragment that the first babysteps of awareness are being taken even today in some LCDs.

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