How to support sustainable development emergence within companies ?

This recent article from a french financial paper deals with the difficulty for companies to go further sustainable development ideas recognition. How can they do to manage environmental risk ?
It gives few ideas that tend to be developed in order to implement and sustain companies strategy and actions in this field :
The necessity to mix it with policies, to develop performances reference related to sustainable development (such as ratings), or including this into the company’s, brand’s image or marketing strategy, the increasing roles of stakeholders.
Actually, it presents sustainable development as new a way of managing firms, part of their policies, and as a marketing tool.

However :
– It underlines the importance of this new managing priority and the huge amounts of investments done in this kind of ‘ethics funds’, which is in fact very little in comparison to pension funds.
– The argument of linking sustainable development to performance is also quite interesting but on which level (elements to take into account from a firm to another)
– The risk to adhere to sustainable development for performance or investments reasons (because it really do attract stakeholders)
– Do not be able to manage it in a efficient way.
– Maintaining the emergence’s trends (even if increasing, still low)
– Problems of huge companies wealthier than some countries :How can they manage to set up a policy and implementation without hurting these countries’ goals for example.
-Do not use it exclusively as a ‘marketing tool’ as suggest the article but as a kind of model in management.

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