SD Buildings

CNN Article
These article is about the rise in the number of SD or Green buildings, espiacially skyscrapers. We find a lot of new buildings respecting the SD process and to speed up the trend politicians are starting to act also (tax breaks and government buildinds). The LEED certification rewards the SD action. Obviously the building’s price is higher than classical building’s but later you spend much less money in energy and it is a communication opportunity also.
But the main point is to show us that SD actions have a real economical advantage! I mean, thinking about how to build SD buildings force engineers to develop news SD technologies. That is the best way to make perennial the SD economy.
According to me that is the point businessmen and politicians used to forgetting. Because for those people SD is a communication action, or a way of reducing energy use… whereas it is a real economy with inovations, economical advantages (in many case SD products cost much less money “in fine” because you have to count all the spends in the price).
So everyone has to understand that SD is not a luxery or a choice but maybe the new evolution of capitalism.

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