French electric company

You may hear about French people that they are “nuclear addict”. That is partly true. We do use mainly nuclear power to provide electricity. 80% of our production comes actually from nuclear.
EDF which is the provider of electricity in France have a lot to do with sustainable development as you can imagine.
This company has a whole policy in terms of environment and sustainibility. First they do a lot concernig transparency. They provide figures about their performance in SD. They have set up a scorecard in 2001 with several indicators that into account new laws on environment.
They also supervise the welfare of its employees by doing research on air quality, ergonomy, radioprotection. But they also set up a foundation which works on benefits from electricity in medical care.
EDF spend money on developing renewable energies like hydroelectricity. They help customers to consume less but better electricity…
And so on. Actually the website is full of examples of what a company should do concerning SD. But how not thinking about the greenwash we spoke today.
EDF spend especially money on information campaign and advertising. Nobody knows exactly, except people from EDF, how many euros are spent each year on sustainable development because figures can tell what you want.
But EDF is a national company, which is quite a good thing because government has to deal with both company’s society’s interests. Whereas a company only aim at satisfy shareholders. I’m not advicing to nationalize companies from key sectors but maybe should governments (at a State level, even at an international level) take part into companies’ investments. At least for a time…

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One comment on “French electric company
  1. On the site, I found an interesting prospective and creative reflexion on the topic of the energy effectiveness. Companieros is a team who offers the possibility for big companies to ask students from managent or ingenior schools to study their case and to help them to find new ideas about sustainable development.
    The SUSTAINABLE EDF case is a prospective draft study aiming at nourishing the strategic reflexion carried out by Group EDF on the topic of the energy effectiveness. Integrating an important creative dimension, the work of the students consisted in imagining the models of activity (business models) likely to appear – at horizon 5 years – in this emergent economic sector. The project proceeded over one 5 months duration, of at the beginning of January with at the end of May 2004.
    In my opinion this kind of operation can be only beneficial and makes it possible to the students to become aware of the importance of the durable development in companies.Concerning EDF, I can only congratulate this kind of actions since that enables them to obtain new ideas coming from the next generation of leaders and employees.

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