How many new planets will we need?

For the sake of not being too verbose I will limit the length of this entry because I would much rather you all read the article than spend your time reading my long-winded comments.
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Essentially it is an article that discusses new findings in the magazine Science that offer evidence that greenhouse gasses (such as the main offender, carbon dioxide) are not only affecting air quality but affecting the oceans as well. In terms of ecological economics, those that are causing the most damage are passing on the externalities to us by having a detrimental affect on the sea as a living and magnificent eco-system let alone the millions of our tax dollars that need to be allocated for clean-up and prevention. Polution is affecting the quality of life of many ocean species (is their a term such as inter-species inequity?) as well as laying the foundation for the disruption of many minor species that are at the first levels of many food chains.
Be sure to pay particular attention to the graphic that breaks down the factors that are contributing to global warming. Very informative

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