promotion of corporate responsability

This business week article underlines this question :How can the U.N. make the greatest impact on promoting corporate responsibility in the developing world ? Actually, U.N have launched a Global compact program which set up a kind enforcement body, which gather international companies strategy on this field.
The idea : Companies should show examples by applying social and environmental principles, whereas the role of the organisation is to gather ideas to implement and then develop standards.

This is a good way to promote and extend sustainable development. But by creating standards, companies can have the feeling to be judged on their practices, and can be frightened (so that they will not want to enter the model).
Another issue of such a project is not to politicize the debate.
So, how can governments take a more active role without slowing down companies initiatives ?
In the one hand, such an organization gathering both business and politics, is needed, but on the other hand, organization has to manage between encouraging companies in their sustainable development policies, while designing standards, controls, etc.
The issue is to define an appropriate role for each of these authotities which could enable promotion and sustainable develoment practices’s extension.
So, instead of implementing standards, they should for example :
facilitate sustainable development’s use by providing equipments to companies or countries (for recycling, energy use, resources use…), different facilitating tools, financial rewards, granting subsidies, or communication campaigns.

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