SD and Population growth

One of the main points that have been made in regards to sustainable developlment is that the population is currently growing at a geometric rate and that the earth’s natural capital will soon no longer be able to sustain our kind.
As one of the three prongs of sustainable developlent is society, I thinkt that the role of population control should be examined, especially in the case of China; so that we can see what NOT to do to solve this ever increasing problem.
In the reading that the class was assigned titled “the eco-ecology,” the author noted (26) that “China – the world’s most populous country – now has lower fertility rates than the United States and is moving towards population stabilization.” What concerns me is this tone of approval by the author. I would like to go further in depth as to WHY the fertilization rate is declining.
The societal impact of China’s command and control policy of having only one child per household has been devestating to the Chinese society. National Geographic did a report on these effects and the story is quite unsettling.
Because in the Chinese culture men are favored over women (primarily because men will take care of the parents in their old age whereas girls are sent off to live with their husbands and his parents), and as there is only one child allowed per household, often times the girls are abandoned at birth or killed.
The societal result of this attempt to control the population has resulted in too many boys and not enough girls. This means that there will be a generation with not enough wives to go around. Furthermore, obesitty in young chinese males is increasing alarmingly as they are doted on and spoiled only children.
Here are pictures of the National Geographic report.
Lastly, I would like to point out how wrong it is that a family would have to pay a penatly of 7,200 USD just to keep their second child. That is a lot of money in the US, but can you imagine what a financial burden that would be in China?
Obviously, our planet cannot sustain humans and our consumption at its current rates, much less at our projected rates. There has to be some sort of way to sustain population growth to ensure that we do not completely consume outr natural capital before the next generation comes around. However, it is clear that the command and control policies implemented in China are not a feasible option.

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