Globalisation is good for sustainable development!
“The developed world does not fear for globalisation but marginalization”.
The person interviewed, Mike Moore, is the former director general of the WTO (World Trade Organisation). This organisation wants to improve globalisation without barriers, international taxes, etc. He thinks that the support rules of law made by politicians are more important then the will of the consumers even if old rules are not appropriate or applicable to current society. In his mind, life is better than before for the majority of the population, especially in democratic systems. I think he is right but he fails to mention that disparity is higher today then before it was before. He thinks poverty is bad for environment because LCDs do not have the techniques to solve the issues that face them such as dirty lands and water.
However, he fails to mention the many problems associated with our societies high levels consumption and subsequent waste which are equally if not more important. He also does not speak about the fact that the DCs have more power in negotiation than the LDCs and that leads to the potential for exploitation.
The main problems are the trade barriers facing the poor countries. Perhaps they need more subsidies from developed countries to help with the growth and innovation necessary to further their industry and/or agriculture. In my mind, it should be very difficult for change to occur without social problems if the industries of the world are deregulated too fast.

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