How the next generation will tackle threats to the environment?
As times have really changed since Woodstock 1970, the way young people act has also really changed. In fact, before “people leapt fisrt and learned second. Now they learn first and leap second”. to become good activists and to make people take action all over the world, we now have to organize ourselves. This reffers to a kind of global strategy (thanks to summits, internet, …) that would enable people to act in the same way at the same time.
Furthermore, problems have become far more complex : it’s really hard to understand an entire problem without being very well informed. Indeed, the economy is ,now completely linke to natural questions. It would be nonsense to propose the same answers as in the seventies!
The economy has changed and we’ve got to find answers adapted to this way of thinking. I think that it’s really good for young people to debate about those questions thanks to internet. Indeed, the earth is obviously the only common point of everybody evreywhere.
But as we said during a presentation, I’m not sure that a global strategy is needed because every country has his own way of thinking, his own rythm, his own dynamic, …
Some countries should become models to be followed.

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