SD and Equitable Trade

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This article comes from a website about Equitable Trade. The author explains quickly what is sustainable development and at the end explains that Equitable Trade help sustainable development to set up.
I totally desagree with this idea. According to me Equitable Trade represented by Max Havelar actions is not a real economic evolution. Indeed for me to set up coffee exploitations in countries that have never maden this product, to convince LDC’s farmers to give up traditional cultures has no future. Furthermore Equitable Trade labels such as Max Havelar do not inovate, it is only marketing.
And it is the worst thing for sustainable development to think that it is only marketing and reserved for big firms.
The main aim of SD is to instaure a new economy (capitalism evolution) – see Mr Williams course – and not copying current economy with only a few changes. In France in particular people do not do the difference between and SD and ET and it is a big risk for SD!
Last SD is not only the opposition between LDC’s and western countries contrary to Equitable Trade.

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