the “ecological bonus-malus”

The french minister for environment has showed a good initiative by presenting the 2004 climate plan. This plan comprises more than 60 proposals concerning transport, industry, agriculture.
Among these measurements, one is more discussed than the others: The “Bonus-Malus” system.
This device which plans tax incentives or “punishments”, aims encouraging the purchase of the less polluting vehicles and dissuading the purchase of vehicles with strong power consumption. It is a nice intention but the fact is that this measure will probably never be applied!
First of all this measure must be discussed by the Parliament before becoming effective and then there will be a dialogue at the European level.
How the german reprensenters will let the french gouvernment do such a thing when the accused cars are more produced by german companies (Daimler-Chrysler or Bmw) as by french companies which are more specialized in diesel engine cars (PSA or Renault) and clean urban vehicles!
Stop the hypocrisy of politicians and let us start for real ecological discussions because that requires a immediate action.

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