Forum Equation: students and companies at the school of the durable development

Of what did consist this forum?
Everywhere, of the posters to the strong slogans, of the booklets and the reports out of glazed paper stressed engagements, the actions and the values of the companies:
– safeguarding of the environment,
– projects of patronage,
– good human stock management…
So when a policy of sustainable development of some companies interested or intrigued the students, they could obtain more information by questioning the representatives present directly.
I really think that this kind of forums can be only beneficial and this from the point of view of the companies just like for that of the students.
I consider that the condition first for a sustainable development is a development of the debate between parts which did not meet front. Here, it acted of a meet-debate between decision makers and future decision makers, with true and new freedom of tone. The durable development is an interesting concept because the companies do not have a certainty on the matter, they are in full evolution from the taking into account of this new paradigm.
They wonder how to make well, how to make apply the charters, how to control, how to certify, how to envisage the risks, the whole while generating profits to continue to exist. The companies are interested by students having strong values, as those which are interested in the durable development.
This is why I think that this kind of forum should be developped and be popularized so that all the students (of each age) can be able to access them and to realize the importance of the sustainable development for our future. We will progress only if we succeed in sensitizing the younger generations as soon as possible and this must be done hand in the hand with the companies.

The first forum Equation, ” agora students and companies ” on the durable development was organized in Sciences Po by, arranges specialized in the teaching projects of the durable development, the communication and the innovation. A dozen large companies (Areva, IBM, CCF, Danone Group, Deloitte & Touch…) answered present. was created in 2000 per Antoine de Gabrielli, already founder of the agency Citadelle consulting, specialized in the communication of the visions and the values of the company., in this continuity, proposes to students large schools and universities to take part in educational projects carried out in collaboration with companies.

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