Continuing your interest in SDCA

Now the SDCA course is over (and your grades have been processed and hopefully on their way to you!) I’d like to invite you to continue to be part of this blog. If you are interested, simply add a comment to this message by Saturday August 14 and I will keep your name on the list. If you do not want to continue, simply ignore this post and I will delete your name on the aforementioned date.
Now down to business … here is a useful link (with thanks to my colleague Matthew Dodson), US power giants face landmark climate lawsuit, which reports on the eight US states and New York City launching the unprecedented civil action against five of America’s largest power companies, demanding that they cut carbon dioxide emissions because of global warming. If this gets up in the US, I thinks its fair to say that we will see similiar actions occurring in countries (Australia, for example).

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One comment on “Continuing your interest in SDCA
  1. Matthew says:

    One of the underlying global issues is the fact that some individuals/corporations/countries are consuming natural capital without paying for that consumption. So what? Humans have been doing this for thousands of years. The issue is that the human population has now reached over 6 billion and the compounding economic growth is making natural capital noticeably scarce.
    The difficulty is that while we have global legal mechanisms to deal with war crimes, international economic trade, slavery and terrorism, however if an individual/corporation/country wanted to emit enough CO2 such that the global climate were altered, there is no international legal mechanism that would hold them accountable.
    Thus the significance of the legal action in the US, if successful, could represent the beginnings of a much-needed international legal agreement on the use or misuse of natural capital.

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