About Financial Aspect & global warming

I tried to post: If people don’t want to be aware of the issue of Global warming from a scientific point of view they will do it from a financial point of View.
Indeed recent hurricanes in the United States faced the business fields, Assurance funds, Institutional investors with the problem of disruption in ecosystems. Because of the frequence of storms and its increasing strenght, Insurance funds have to modify their standards, the way they pay for disasters. The amounts are more and more important because the disasters go on increasing.
Insurance funds, Investors,etc., which are very influent in all big industries and many economics, fields would have to find solutions to save money and avoid to pay so much. The obvious long term solution seems to be curving global warming in order to reduce its effects on climate

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One comment on “About Financial Aspect & global warming
  1. jeremy says:

    This is an extremely important point Eloise, and reason enough for a course on sustainable development to be part of an MBA curriculum! Rising insurance premiums as a consequence of the increasing incidence of natural disasters are a reality (I use the word “natural” reservedly here!) and they have a direct impact on firms’ cost structures.

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