Are developed nations responsible for the SD of less developed nations?

At the end of class today, we were asked to share three things that we have learned over the course of the week in regards to Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage. Of particular interest to me was Dorotea’s comment on how she felt that it was Sweden’s responsibility as a developed nation that is equipped with the resources necessary to ensure and promote the sustainable development of those less fortunate nations. I came across an article on the net that addresses this exact issue. The article speaks about the responsibilities of developed nations, particularly the United States, and its belief that it has the responsibility to assist those less developed nations in order to equip them with the resources they need in order to truly benefit from the “opportunities of the global economy” .
The article also addresses the issue of the synergies of political, legal and economic policies that are all key elements in the pursuit of a nation’s sustainable development. I personally feel that if a nation is equipped with the resources to help those less developed nations to achieve an adequate level of sustainable development, that is should be a responsibility that is taken on by advanced nations such as Canada or Sweden. The issue of Sustainable development is a global issue, and if each country can work together in the pursuit of global sustainable development, we can get one step closer to ensure the preservation of our ecology not only for the present, but for the future as well. Does anyone else share the same view as me? Or do you feel that the SD of each nation is an individual responsibility regardless of what stage of development a country is in?
Source: Achieving sustainable development, An Electronic Journal of the U.S. Department of State
April 2002 Volume 7, Number 1,

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