How can we “build” the value of Sustainable Development?

From the courses it appeared that it is more difficult to force the companies to follow a strategy that is based on Sustainable Development in the long term than do the actual changes in their way of doing business. I think that the common goal can be achieved by first creating an integration of governments and non governmental organizations throughout a region. For example in the European Union the European Council should help the nations and elaborate programs for the integration of the ecological aspects. On the other hand Sustainable Development should be generally admitted as a shared value for each and every person. First of all the governments should build this feeling in the individuals’ and in the companies’ mind but I think that the media and education have more important role in it. The governments will never focus on long term strategies but the media can persuade people to change their minds, their lifestyles. Also the companies have to do business in an other way. But they can act if they have the instruments and possibilites to do better and only if they realize that copetitive advantage can be achieved by this.
In many areas the way of doing business cannot be sustainble in the long run so the focus has to be changed. For example the actual way of production and consumption habits are depending on the road and air transport of the cargo which cannot be sustainable. The EU should form regulations that encourage the economic friendly transportation.
So I think without integration and regulations the problems cannot be solved. But I am sceptical about whether the governments can understand the importance of inter-generational equity. In my opinion they will only set the regulations if they are forced to do so.

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One comment on “How can we “build” the value of Sustainable Development?
  1. Stefanie K says:

    I have to agree to the point, Zsuzsanna mentioned in brief her text, that the media is one of the most powerful institutions and that they play a really important role to get people changing their mind. Like I often experienced, even within my family, people listen more to media than to something else. An advertisement is calling a product environmental friendly and everyone is starting to buy it. Even my mother behaves like that. Changing the media, would mean for me, also changing the behaviour of a lot of people. But the media should be critical and, like Zsuzsanna told, focus on long-term strategies.

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