Make love not war (cooperate instead of fighting)

We are all people living on this green planet (maybe not as green as before) called earth. We all care for the environment (more or less), enjoy the wildlife, prefer clean air etc. Despite that it is surprisingly little cooperation between us to sustain and protect our home, earth that we have the honour to be residents of (average 82,68 years for a Swedish woman).
Even more surprisingly is the lack of cooperation between non governmental organisations and corporations. Most corporations view organisations as Greenpeace as the worst enemy existed. But are their visions so different? And what would happen if we started a dialogue instead of fighting each other down?
Searching the Internet I found a few cooperations I would like to praise and also I would like to show that this method of cooperation is working and that it is far more effective than fighting and opposing each other.
The Swedish furniture company IKEA have with several occasions cooperated with Greenpeace. As you all may know most of IKEAs furniture is made of wood and this puts a lot of pressure on IKEAs sustainable development. IKEA have been very strong with their environment friendly policy.
They cooperated with Greenpeace when mapping out the Swedish and Finnish woods and are positive to further cooperation.
Another successful collaboration is when the Swedish government, or more specific the Swedish environment minister Lena Sommestad and Greenpeace worked together to forbid the flame retardant dekaBDE on a national level when the European Union was to slow.
As we can see cooperating with our enemies can have a positive outcome. I would like to know if you have other examples? Maybe from your home countries?

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