America and their lack of doing right

Yesterday I read the text “Weapons of mass salvation” of Jeffrey Sachs.
Several times in my life I have read other cases according to wrong behaviour of the american government and even sometimes of the citizens.
Again I became really angry that the government spends only 0,1 percent of their GNP on foreign assistance and is therefor on the last place among the 22 donor countries in aid as a share of income.
Instead of helping other countries they prefer to fight against terrorism and produce Weapons of Mass Destruction.
I can’t understand why the USA isn’t able to see that this is not the right solution. Nobody can solve a problem at its end, you can only solve a problem at its root.
Everybody knows why the USA is attacked by terrorists, but why do the Americans not see the real problem?!
If the people from Afghanista and Iraq have had enough to eat and to drink and not be exploited, they wouldn’t have started attacking the USA.
Sustainable Development is in my opinion also necessary to prevent the problem at its beginning and not when it is too late! Countries, their governments, companies and the people have to care now for the environment. If we are going to see the results of misbehaviour, it is surely too late.

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