Sustainability in a developing country

As I am the only person from Poland, and one of the few from Central Europe, I thought it might be good to reflect on how countries such as my own can adopt the concepts of sustainability.
Even though the ecological awareness in Poland is still far beyond one that you may find in Sweden or Germany, I believe the chances for improvement are wonderful. First of all, the number of people that do care for the environment is regularly increasing and most probably within ten years it will reach that in the most developed countries. There are however other advantages of countries such as Poland.
One of these is, paradoxically, its relatively low level of development. Just because of lower levels of consumption people in Poland often use fewer resources than those in developed countries. When one does not have a car, he or she doesn’t burn too much petrol. It is just the same with minor things such as not using an electric dryer to dry your clothes. Naturally, the consumption level is constantly growing. Yet here lies the opportunity to change the pattern of growth towards sustainability. Once someone is using an old, inefficient technology, it is costly and difficult to upgrade it. But when you are purchasing a new appliance, it is only natural to choose a more efficient one. For this reasons one may frequently find appliances more advanced technologically in less developed countries.
What is more, it may be easier to compel people in Poland to keep using public transport intead of driving their own car than to make people who have ever since driven one to give this up. I must admit that right now I have some second thoughts about my idea to save some money and buy myself a car after I return to Warsaw.

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