Water resources

Several recent projections indicate that by 2025 numerous river basins and countries will face a situation in which 30 percent or more of their irrigation demands cannot reliably be met because of water shortages.
Water resource is distributed unevenly within countries and continents as well. China, for instance, has one fifth of the world’s population, but only around 7 percent of Earth’s renewable fresh water—and most of that supply is in the Southern China. Since the “opening door policy” was implemented in 1980’s, China’s growth is an amazing improvement in quality of life for Chinese people. As a result, people ‘s needs have shifted from basic “adequate food and clothing” to “quality and health” lifestyle. Therefore, fresh water supply is now becoming the first requirement for most Chinese population.
Although water resource allocation has been shifting from traditional agricultural irrigation to industrial and individual uses, agriculture is still main consumer for about 70% in China. If there has 1.3 billion people need to be feed, it is really a tough and urgent task to reduce irrigation water consumption and maintain crop throughput at the time. More so, because of uneven distribution of water resource in China, Western and Northern regions are implementing a “time and quota consumption” method, as people can consume certain amount fresh water resource according to the different time period concerned. Therefore, it is ensure the water supplies to be available as many as possible.
Rising water consumption results the falling water tables in many countries, mostly serious impact in developing countries. How to provide all worldwide populations with at the least the minimum amount of clean and fresh water for sanitation and healthy needed is the main task we have to solve!
More detail information about world sustainable development issue: http://www.worldwatch.org/

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