The power of dreams

Do you know a company that believes in sustainable development, has a strong commitment to the environment with a detailed policy to back it up and is known to be one of the most innovative all around the world? I know one. It’s Honda Motor Corporation. You have probably heard of this company; some of you for its motorcycles, some of you more for its car or maybe for its generators, marine engines or other power equipment. Honda is now a lot more than that. They are very active in the aeronautics and the robotics industries. In the following lines, I will tell you why I think companies around the world should follow Honda Motor Co. model for sustainable environment.

Honda is mainly known for its high quality products but it also has a wonderful history of innovations that has changed trends in different industries that has benefited the environment. Honda has always been dedicated to the environment. The have open the road in many domains. For examples, in July 2002, the zero emission Honda FCX became the first fuel cell (hydrogen) electric vehicle in the world to obtain the required certifications to be sold in the U.S. Honda as always been the leader in manufacturing engines with cleaner exhaust gas, improved fuel economy and use of alternate energy source.

The commitment the environment and to sustainable development doesn’t stop at the product development for Honda Motor Co. The have a full Environment / Sustainable development set of rules for production, purchasing, transportation, sales, disposable and recycling.

I hope I have awakened your curiosity about this wonderful company. I strongly encourage you to visit their corporate web site dedicated to the environment at . You will discover what the power of dreams can do. I put you to the challenge to find a company that does more than Honda Motor Co. does.

To know more about the company products, you can follow the links bellow.


For more information contact: Jean-Claude Lemonde
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2 comments on “The power of dreams
  1. jeremy says:

    Very interesting Jean-Claude. To add to your knowledge in this area, please consider reading Chapter 2 in Natural Capitalism.

  2. Jean-Francois Goubet says:

    Jean-Claude, waht about other companies such as Toyota or European Brands such as Renault and Peugeot? these brands are weel-known for developping very economical engines that ae not environmentally friendly (does that exist?) but that have tha advantage to be very efficient??

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