There’s still a long road ahead for sustainable development

In her article “There’s still a long road ahead for sustainable development”, the journalist Laure Belot notices that more and more companies, including BP, Heineken or Ikea, are going on the road of sustainable development nowadays. They not only want to ease their consciences acting so, but also want to restore the very poor image of their brand. But is it really appropriate that oil or mining companies support NGO’s and associations fighting against crabs, or that chemical or tobacco companies financially help hospitals? Are the discrepancies between the donors and the final recipient not too far away?

According to the United Nations Security Council and to the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, such policies can become concrete and effective if only the companies are not lone riders. That’s why governments, international institutions and public partners will have to manage such socially responsible policies all together. “Solutions can be provided by public-private partnerships.” If companies stand alone on the implementation of sustainable policies, they won’t be able to back up their growth, their profit, and to develop efficiently sustainable initiatives. They’ll have to choose between both of them, and the mankind wellness would probably become their last worry, since the financial markets make the law and that investors will be quite reluctant to invest in a policy that probably won’t make money…

Although the public-private partnership seems to be a way to make the corporate sustainable development improve, is it a realistic solution?

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