I would like to share some information I’ve founded about Industrial Ecology. This mainly consists in the idea that some companies wastes are others companies inputs. And it seeks to balance environmental and economic performance around the world. Industrial ecology was popularized in 1989 in a Scientific American article by Robert Frosch and Nicholas E. Gallopoulos. Frosch and Gallopoulos’ vision was “why would not our industrial system behave like an ecosystem, where the wastes of a species may be resource to another species? Why would not the outputs of an industry be the inputs of another, thus reducing use of raw materials, pollution, and saving on waste treatment?”.

I also found a lot of fun products made out of recycled wastes. Such as: clothes, bags, home furniture, make up, jewelery etc. The companies that produce such organic products are interested in sustainable development, trying to provide things that people need while protecting natural resources and preserving biodiversity.

Gordon Rands, an environmental business expert at Western Illinois University in Macomb says.

“A fully sustainable business would be one that creates no negative impact on the environment. I don’t think [such a business] exists yet, but theoretically it’s very possible. And companies are moving in this direction.”

Here is a very cool webpage of a magazine called TreeHugger , dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible. Their goal is to make sustainability mainstream and to be the one-stop for the environment.
Recycled products
Unique and individual bags hand woven from recycled newspaper, juice boxes and telephone directories.

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    Thanks for the links. I followed one at and ended up at another Leonardo Dicaprio movie:

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