Ad by Cristalline water in France

Maybe you have seen these ads in the parisian subway. They are made by the firms Cristalline. On one of the ad, Cristalline say that you shouldn’t drink used water and drink Cristalline.

This advertising has begun a week ago and had provoked a scandal. French ministry of environment has said that “she was very angry” and that tap water was quality water. Three associations are asking to Cristalline to stop the advertising. Bertrand Delanoe, mayor of Paris had decided to put the firm into trial, see the article here.

French population is realising that drinking water in bottle isn’t good for the environment because of all the used bottle, the CO2 of the different cars that has make the bottle come near to your houses. There are some blogs that are talking about this problem. Lots of media are now talking about this problem.

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2 comments on “Ad by Cristalline water in France
  1. jeremy says:

    Very interesting! Buying bottled water is a ‘defensive expenditure’ and, in many cases, consumers may be quite justified in making such a purchase. As far as I know the Mayor of Paris is right to feel agrieved, but there are many capital cities around the world where I would not feel safe drinking the tap water. I think the MNCs controlling the bottled beverage market might be exploiting this insecurity.

  2. Katarzyna says:

    This case makes me think again about the issue of government intervention. I remember that you, Jeremy, often mention the fact that you trust the business more than the government. Whereas, I tend to think that very often business has very different goals, not always going along with ethics and public interest. I think that in the case of growing environmental threat, stricter advertising regulations should be imposed. Just as in many countries, cigarete or alcohol comercials are forbiden or at least restricted. Maybe advertisments like the one of Cristalline should be forbidden? But then comes the question, how far can we go? Should bottle water be forbidden as well?

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