SD in Poland! What a surprise!

I did some research on Sustainable Development in Poland and it turns out that instead of getting better the situation is getting worse! According to the ranking of Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy Form the Poland’s Environmental Stability Index from January 2005 Poland was on the 102 position out of 146 ! Suprisingly in 2002 it was on the 87 position and in 2001 on the 58. Which means that the situation after the accession to the EU instead of getting better is getting worse! According to scientists (PH.d Z.Halad- this process is caused by the increasing use of genetical engeneering in food production. Paradoxically, thanks to the funds from the EU farmers have more money for artificial fertilizers, and consequently end up damaging the environment.

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2 comments on “SD in Poland! What a surprise!
  1. jeremy says:

    GM food is touchy subject for those committed to sustainable development. For example, if some parts of the world are getting drier, isn’t it reasonable for farmers to use seeds that are better suited to the ‘new’ climate? On the other hand, if a drought-resistant seed is planted, how can we sure it won’t have a ‘knock-on’ effect elsewhere in the eco-system? It might just be better to grow some other crop ‘naturally’ adjusting to the new climatic conditions. In short, the ‘precautionary principle’ may apply. As for the Polish record deteriorating, welcome to the industrial ‘agribusiness’ world!

  2. Lena says:

    I think genetic engineering is an interesting topic and therefore I just want to add something.
    Maybe this is a good invention but I am not quite convinced yet. I think consequences for human health are not really eliminated or researched enough. I would not be surprised if those “genetic manipulations” cause bad illnesses during the next years.
    Apart from this I see another treat to economy, especially to agriculture, as you mentioned it already. In this article ( is mentioned that there a special markets in the US, which are totally closed to genetically engineered products.
    Furthermore consumers loose or already lost their trust in healthy – not genetic engineered – products, offered by traditional farmers, which threatens the demand.

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