THE WASTE PROBLEM: The Incinerator in Gipuzkoa

All the garbage that every day each of us generates is becoming a bigger problem and what I comment in the following lines it´s just an example of it. Nowadays this topic is creating a big debate in the region where I am from (Gipuzkoa). The debate is being generated because the current dump has only a couple of years of life left. Therefore, other alternatives are being studied for the location of the garbage that we generate. However, the only alternative that is principally handling the local authorities is the construction of an incinerator and the principal debate that has arisen in the matter is the location of it. Nobody wants to have the incinerator near his house and when the town hall mentions a possible location, the nearby population started to complaint. Numerous manifestations have taken place in the last months to protest against it.
However, the majority of the population doesn’t complain for the environmental consequences that the incinerator would have if definitely it is constructed, they complaint due to the fact that they do not want to have it near their houses. Despite all of it, some local ecological associations are proposing new alternatives to the construction of the incinerator and are trying to warn the society about the bad effects that it could bring. Nevertheless, the local authorities do not hear any alternative and speak about the incinerator as the only solution to the problem. In addition, the society does not seem to be sensitive with the environmental problems that the construction of the incinerator could bring. All this, shows that in Gipuzkoa we have to develop our environmental sensitivity.

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2 comments on “THE WASTE PROBLEM: The Incinerator in Gipuzkoa
  1. jeremy says:

    It seems to me that the local authorities in Gipuzkoa are still firmly rooted in the industrial age! They need to read Natural Capitalism. If they learned about biomimicry and the service and flow economy, for example, they might create incentives for businesses and households to reduce their waste, and the incinerator issue would become a non-issue. So often governments attack the symptoms and not the cause of their problems!

  2. Jesus says:

    I would like to point out that I am really concerned about this problem as they (the authorities) wanted to put it near my neighbourhood. There were a lot of manifestations against this issue. I remembered one in the beach of “La Concha” (by the way, the beach is very beautiful) when it was celebrating a famous boat race in San Sebastian. There were a lot problems even with the police and this created a lot “oppression” to the authorities and for this reason they decided not to put it near my neighbourhood.
    Nevertheless, they still having troubles with this issue and the manifestations against incinerations continue.

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