Zero Waste!!!

Browsing on the net I have found the “zero waste” web side from New Zealand, in there we can find a lot of interesting information about what zero waste is, also what we can do about it…Moreover, they publish a monthly magazine and in the December’s one where we can find diverse information about “Government and Climate Change”, what kind of measures must take the Government and how are this changes going to affect to the citizens).

On the other hand also it talks about Zero Waste, Climate Change, and Sustainability, focusing on the environmental benefits of the recycling.
Climate Change, Sustainability, and Waste
In May this year, a major (WRAP) report released in the UK reported on the options being considered for the disposal of UK wastes. Based on careful Life Cycle Analysis, the report concluded that wastes should be reduced, reused and recycled, rather than be incinerated or land-filled. What has this to do with Climate Change? – you ask.

The results are clear and positive. Burning and burying our wastes results in large releases of carbon dioxide and methane into the ‘commons’ of our atmosphere, thus promoting an increasing rate of Climate Change; re-using resources is more efficient, and results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s). Re-using the aluminium in drink cans is a great example: recycling avoids the mining of four tonnes of bauxite and overburden for each tonne of new aluminium, and after re-manufacturing the cans, the overall outcome is an energy saving of 70-90%. Re-use of gold is even more special, as it has been calculated that the manufacture of just one wedding band results in the production of more than 20 tonnes of waste ore and overburden. Re-use and recycling are simply fantastic!

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  1. jeremy says:

    If you are really interested in waste, I highly recommend Chapter 3: Waste Not in Natural Capitalism, especially pp. 49-50 which tells the story of the amount of resources wasted in the production on a can of cola!

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