ExxonMobil – changing from an ugly company to a good one?

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During our presentation on ExxonMobil today, we talked about an article from The Wall Street Journal discussing the recent shift in ExxonMobil’s attitude – away from denying that climate change is on its way and that it is caused by humans, especially by CO2 emissions. Now, ExxonMobil acknowledges that there is reliable information on the negative effect of CO2 emissions on global warming. As a result, ExxonMobil has already stopped funding the Competitive Enterprise Institute that ran several TV spots last year claiming that CO2 emissions are actually helpful for us and the environment.

The article claims that the main reason for ExxonMobil’s sudden awakening is the fear of future US government regulations. By softening their position now, they might have the chance to shape the regulation so that they get away with as little economic damage as possible.

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3 comments on “ExxonMobil – changing from an ugly company to a good one?
  1. jeremy says:

    Thanks for finding the ads Susanne! They are collectors’ items 🙂
    The Wall Street Journal article is also an important document in that it records an event that may well become something of a watershed in the history of the SD movement.

  2. Ruminations says:

    The worm has turned

    Image source: seppo.net Long viewed as the dirtiest and dastardliest corporation on earth by the environmental movement, Exxon is a company that has made a virtue out of not caring a damn about its social and environmental responsibility. Its…

  3. […] An article published in the Wall Street Journal recently reveals the gory details (thanks to Susisusonne for this […]

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