Have you ever think in GYMS as ENERGY SUPPLIERS???

This idea is part of the green revolution that has recently appeared in our life. As we have seen in class everybody could contribute to the movement by recycling in their homes and jobs, saving water (or at least not wasting it), etc. At the same time, there have been emerging new ideas that contribute to the efficient use of the energies. One of this most surprising ideas, involves the gyms and its machines. This way, the gyms could also do their own contribution to the environment with this new “green idea”.
The idea is that a gym machine could provide energy when a person is using it. This energy would be stored and distributed to the own gym or to other buildings. To make you an idea, a person using a gym machine for 10 minutes, could run 100 Watt light bulb for one hour. Consequently, not only the gym members could supply the energy to their own gym, but also they could supply energy to other buildings.

For those how have gym machines at home, you would save some money at the end of the month by providing your own electricity!!

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One comment on “Have you ever think in GYMS as ENERGY SUPPLIERS???
  1. jeremy says:

    This is not as outlandish as it seems. There many opportunities for synergies like these, and in a way, it is a form of industrial ecology. Energy expended on the treadmill is simply being recycled!

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