The energetic demand grows and the sources of energy continue becoming exhausted. 15% of the world population consumes 70% of the natural and energetic available resources in the planet. If all the countries were managing to reach the model of western life, it should be needed three Earth planets to supply ourselves of the energetic resources and necessary natives. The price of the oil continues rising and the climatic change hastens.
The current energetic model based on the burning of fossil fuels is unsustainable. SO, WHAT WE SHOULD DO???

We should search and take advantage of the new forms of energies that are been offered. There are a lot closed to us but we do not notice about it. The Sun, the wind and the water are our allies. They are inexhaustible sources that contaminate so little that the environmental impact that they cause is minimal.
Why we do not give them an opportunity?

In Spain, the consumption of energy grows more than 30 % every six years approximately. Spain occupies the first position in gas emission with more than 1,8 tons per person a year. The oil and the natural gas represent 70% of the expense of primary energy. During the last decade, the consumption of black gold has increased 3,5% each year, over the world average that 1,8% has supposed, and that of natural gas has done it around 15%. If this was small, the sector of the transport is 98% dependent on the oil and the forecasts aim at a growth of 35 % until 2030.

The transition of the traditional forms of obtaining energy towards to an others more sustainable is necessary. The nature imposes its limits. The clean energies like the solar, the wind one, the biomass and the biocombustibles are the solution.

The Sun supplies to the Earth of a quantity of energy 15.000 times superior to the annual consumption of atomic and fossil power. In a sunny country as Spain, this star contributes even six times more of energy that the world consumption a year.

The wind power does not contaminate, so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, and besides it is inexhaustible. On one hand, the biomass comes from residues (forest, agricultural, cattle and as the agro alimentary industry) it is used to create energy, already be thermal, electrical. These are of biological origin and between them the “biodiesel” and the “bioetanol” are. Both energies contribute also many advantages. Beside diminishing the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere, they revitalize the rural economies, and generate employment on having favored the putting in march of a new sector in the agricultural area.

The renewable energies have avoided in Spain the consumption of 68 million barrels of oil in 2005 and have provided 5,9% of the consumption of primary energy. Concretely, the wind power has contributed 7,2% of the production; the lot photovoltaic 0,03 %; the biomass, 0,8%; the biogas, 0,3% and the hydraulics, 7,9%.

Such alternatives would help to our country to expire with the obligations inside the Kioto’s Protocol, a subject in which Spain suspends. Our country promised not to overcome in 2012 in any more than 15% the gas emission of 1990, but it overcomes them already in more than 52%. Likewise, Spain will have to multiply by 16 its current number of consumption of biocarburants to fulfill the aim to reach in 2010 5,83% of the national market of fuels concentrated on the Plan of Renewable Energies (PER).

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  1. jeremy says:

    I am quite surprised by Spain’s overshooting of its energy targets for the reasons you suggest. Solar is obvious because of the number of hours of sunshine, but Spain is also one of the leading producers of wind power in the world (no.2 in 2005). Maybe efforts need to be directed more towards energy conservation.

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