Sustainable development and paper industry

In addition to oil companies, another type of “non sustainable business” could have been mentioned in our “good, bad and ugly” presentations.
In fact, I am not sure that anybody noticed it yet, but paper industry is really concerning too.

Paper production is the fourth source of greenhouse gases emmissions.
We do not even realise but paper is all around us : newspapers, magazines, catalogs, advertisements and writing paper : we use it and throw it away every day.
Main publishers just stasr to consider the impact of their activity on the environment.

They take measures to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. They know that rather than printing fewer magazines (which would be syonymous of less profits), they have to improve their production process.

But they are not the worse companies in this field : in fact, I think the “ugly” award in this area could be given to supermarkets, which print and give in our mailboxes tons of thick catalogs to advertise their products each week. When you consider that the two thirds of this direct advertising catalogs are thrown away without being opened, I think that we can talk about useless waste. I tried to find some figures on this topic but curiously, no recommendations or studies have been publisehd on that topic yet.
Of course, all supermarkets do have a “sustainable development” part on their websites and mention how important it is for them. As we said in class, no firm can be perfect but cutting down trees for such a useless goal should not be allowed.

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One comment on “Sustainable development and paper industry
  1. jeremy says:

    Do a Google search on International Paper and check up their environmental record … I think it would fall into your “ugly” category!

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