“EU stumbles on the low-carbon road” BBC News

In the BBC News today, I’ve read that that the European Commission was supposed to announce a major step this week in fighting CO2 emissions. The European Commission wanted to regulate the automobile industry that makes up more than 1/5 of the entire emissions. Furthermore, it is the only sector where CO2 emissions have drastically increased in the last years. The European Commissioner Stavros Dimas decided to demand the automobile industry to make new cars with decreased CO2 emissions and gave a mandatory target for 120g/km by 2012. Right now, cars are emitting about 162g of CO2 per kilometre.
This week, however, the European Commission decided to postpone the announcement because of strong disagreement within the Commission on this topic. Maybe the pressure from the industry, warning that this measure would raise prices and cost jobs, got too strong.

In any case, it is a typical example of the democratic system, where decisions-making takes too long and where it is almost impossible to take measures when they are needed.
(Image source:http://www.klimanet4kids.baden-wuerttemberg.de/images/02_info/abgase.jpg)

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One comment on ““EU stumbles on the low-carbon road” BBC News
  1. jeremy says:

    Nice post Susanne. I would concur with your view. Working the favour of the EC, however, is that Europe does the lead the way in terms of ecological tax reform (ETR); i.e. taxing the ‘bads’ to subsidise the ‘goods’. In short, those companies linked to the automobile industry might be compensated (for example) by a reduction in payroll tax equivalent to the increased cost of the cleaner, but more expensive production technique.

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