As we have seen in video today, the denomination ” global warming ” generally implies the human activity. It is necessary to point out that global warming and greenhouse effect are not synonymous, rather it is believed that the greenhouse effect would be the reason of the global observed warming.
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The multigovernmental body and scientist in charge of the global analysis is the IPCC (initials of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change or Intergovernmental Panel on the Climatic Change). One of his more visible lines of action is Kyoto’s Protocol, which promotes a reduction of pollutant emission as we have seen in the class and also in the video (principally greenhouse gases) on the part of the industrialized countries.

If the Earth is becoming overheated, the glaciers of the mountains and the ices of the pole North and of the Antarctica would start melting. Nobody knows with accuracy at all how might raise the level of the sea, but if measurements are not taken in order to stop it, the level of the sea might raise more or less from 20 to 40 cm. by the beginning of next century, and it will continue rising.

Even the smallest raise of the level of the waters of the sea might have a few catastrophic consequences. For example, great part of Amsterdam could be gained by the sea, as big extensions of the country are below the level of the sea. If this one rises, all these areas might be flooded or forced to construct new and expensive dikes of containment.

Summarizing, the impact that has in the environment is spectacular and alarming simultaneously, due to the most serious consequences of the global warming are the decrease of the cap of snow, elevation of the levels of the seas and the meteorological changes, which can influence the human activities and the ecosystems. On having increased the temperatures, the glaciers take more ice of the land to the sea. When this ice it has been fused, the level of the sea ascends and according to scientific experts of the super famous organization not governmental Greenpeace in the next hundred years, the sea might cover islands of few altitude, as the Maldivas, in the ocean Indian Ocean, and many coastal cities.

A raise from 4 to 8 meters of the level of the waters along several hundreds of years could overwhelm entire cities. The current coasts of flowery would be permanently under the
NOTE:: I have seen in youtube a quite funny, but encouraging interview to Al Gore and I decided to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 comments on “GLOBAL WARMING
  1. Sven1 says:

    I guess, Al Gore was sneaking in the backrow of our class room during the last 2 weeks 😉
    He mentions the paradigm (“Human nature leads people to resist that kind of change, if they’re too confortable with the status quo”) and the leadership of a country for the rest of the world, which we spoke about in class. He also highlights the point, that this kind of re-thinking would create new jobs, new technologies and new opportunities in long-term.
    What he conceals are possible short-term close-downs and unemployement in specific areas which are not required anymore…
    Fits perfectly into our lecture…

  2. jeremy says:

    Thanks Sven. You just saved me writing a paragraph 😉 I concur on all points.

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