Pipeline explosion

Another example of consequences caused by a lack of resources is the recent pipeline explosion in Laos, Nigeria. Those accidents happen, when the poor population tries to tap a pipeline. This phenomenon occurs almost in regular intervals and causes disastrous damages among the people as well as the environment. (there are some interesting articles and videos linked on this webpage)

The following question is now, who should take over the responsibility to avoid such catastrophes?

Shall the companies watch over their used pipelines? And can they financially afford those projects?

Or shall the government be responsible for accidents caused by its population?
And if so, what can they attempt effectively?

I think the reason, why those accidents still occur is that no one feels guilty and thus no one is willing to make or probably only start a change.

But, if nothing is going to be improved, because they still feel unconcerned – at the end they are all affected by the disastrous ecological AND economic consequences!

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One comment on “Pipeline explosion
  1. jeremy says:

    The lack of distributive justice in places like Nigeria drives desperate people to do desperate things. The company that owns the pipeline could -if it were truly committed to sustainable development – be more sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders (in this case the local communities through which the pipeline passes) and maybe, with meaningful occupations and some self-respect, people would be less desperate.

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