Siemens AG and Sustainable Development

In contrast to my former blogs I did not want to miss the opportunity to post at least one positive example in terms of Sustainable Development.
Therefore I had a look on different WebPages and considered the Siemens’ page very interesting. On that page I found a really comprehensive set of measures concerning Industry, Healthcare, Mobility, Safety and Security as well as Power and Water.

Of course, it is still Siemens’ business to “produce” energy through the use of resources, but they are working on the development of efficiency, which also leads to a sparing way of using resources and they improve the commitment of alternative energies.

They offer and spread for e.g. a low-emission combined-cycle power plant, which uses the hot gases emitted by the gas turbine to generate power for the following steam turbine process. Compared to low efficiency combined power plants it produces 40,000 tons less carbon dioxide (this is equivalent to the emissions of almost 10,000 mid-size cars with an annual driving route of 20,000 kilometers)
This seems to be a good step in the right direction!

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3 comments on “Siemens AG and Sustainable Development
  1. adrian says:

    Dear Lena,
    once, Siemens used to be the “poster boy” of German business and industry. And it is still one of the few German “global players”. But, I think that currently it is not the right moment to promote Siemens as an idol in terms of SD.
    Siemens is now in the biggest troubles of its 160 years history. Okay, Siemens is doing quite well in economic terms, but the insolvency of its mobile telephony branch and its aligned disaster when selling it to BenQ, the announced 30% salary rise for chairman Kleinfeld, and its huge and serious problems with bribe and corruption are scratching on Siemens’ repution. Well, you might say that this has nothing in common with SD, but how seriously can the mentioned set of measures be taken, when knowing all that?

  2. jeremy says:

    I am sad to hear the problems that Siemens is experiencing. I have had students do the SDCA course before who have worked for this company and they have been proud of what the company stands for. Hopefully, they can once again become the “poster boy” 😉

  3. Lena says:

    Yes, Siemens is in a bad financial and economic situation because of an “uneconomic” subsidiary, but this is unfortunately “only” another of the already well-known scenarios German companies are confronted with over the last years.
    But I do not see the direct parallelism to its successful techniques concerning sustainability. Siemens still improves, offers as well as sells their effective power plants and other techniques. So why is that a reason for not mentioning the positive attitude behind its research and development?
    Of course Siemens is now occupied with the above mentioned problems, but – in my eyes – this probably will not influence the sustainable development thinking in the rest of the company. Maybe these problems force a transfer of the main focus, or slow certain improvements down, but at least Siemens is concerned and has a relatively extensive, ecological program compared to many, many other companies.

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