Annual plan of the program of environmental education in the educational not university system in the Basque Country

As we saw in class the European Program Agenda 21, I thought that it could be interesting to investigate a little bit how it has been launched in my own country. Moreover, in order to foment the Sustainable Development in the Basque business sector, it is essential that the future executives will be aware of the importance of this issue. In that way, the Basque Government has been doing really goord, as it is currently stimulating the “Environmental Basque Strategy of Sustainable Development 2002-2020 ” in that a commitment is gathered between others to taking up office in the area of the education.

The Agenda 21 is implanted already in 50 % of the school centers of compulsory education and the target for 2012 is to implant it in 100 % of the Schools.
To develop this commitment in 2002 an agreement of collaboration was signed among the Department of Land management and environment and the Department of Education, Universities and Investigation. So, they are working in different areas:
The annual work for the schools in this issue is organized taking as a base the Program of Environmental Education

1.Investigation and experimentation. The principal purpose of this line is to stimulate the innovation in environmental education, promoting projects, providing resources and investigating in collaboration with the centers.
2.Formation of the professorship. The update of the educational practice and the improvement of the processes of education – learning need the critical analysis and the formation, individual and of equipment.
3.Sensitization. To know the environmental problems, be aware and to wake the worry and care up on the way are the aimslenses of the programs of sensitization and the Territorial Meetings.

So far, the Basque Government is trying to foment the awareness of the children, so that in the future there will be well qualified executives taking care about the environment and preserving the Planet. It is a long term measure in which the major goal is to motivate and estimulate the new generations in order to avoid bigger environmental catastrophes.

What about your countries? What are the Government of you country are doing in the framework of Agenda 21? Are they carrying out any programs in the area of the education?

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One comment on “Annual plan of the program of environmental education in the educational not university system in the Basque Country
  1. jeremy says:

    Civic education for the young is vitally important, of course, but what’s becoming increasingly clear as each day passes and more reports document the rapid change in climate, is that it’s the older generations that need to be educated and educated quickly if we are to stave off climate change. It’s up to you and your classmates to ensure this happens Maitane.

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