Hey, folks!! Class is over, but that does not hinder me to bother you with another blog. In class we talked about more appropriate indicators than GDP when it is to evaluate our and our environment’s well-being (like GPI, HDI). Well, these macro measures are highly recommended to be applied, but actually they are measuring the out come of us and our behavior and, most notably, the production/ business behavior of enterprises.

That is the reason why companies have to implement internal measurement systems in order to assess and evaluate their environmental impact. “You cannot manage what you do not measure” (P. Drucker). Therefore, I want you to get some first insights into Eco-Controlling.

Please download the following file: Download file It is some kind of a summary of the stuff I hit on in the past. Unfortunately, I cannot come up with more than one anglophone source so far, but I am sure that you will find further information in your native language once your interest has been awaken.

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One comment on “Eco-Controlling
  1. jeremy says:

    Thanks for this Adrian. All “bean counters” please take note.

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