Litter prevention program and recycling

We have been talking about recycling as an efficient and quite easy way of solving the environmental problem and specially the waste problem. By recycling, our waste is being reused again, so it could be said that “no waste” is generated which will go to dumps, etc. However, recycling is not the only way to solve the waste problem. Other initiatives like litter prevention programs have the same consequence as they do not generate any waste at all. Before I have never heard about this type of programs and it really pick my attention. I think that this kind of programs could be really useful because not only solves part of the waste problem, but also helps people to be aware of the ecological problems that we have, not only waste problem.

More in deep, this litter prevention program aims to reduce littering by: 1) influencing people’s littering behaviour; 2) supporting the expanded and stronger litter laws; and 3) encouraging key stakeholders to be active in litter prevention through an integrated approach of education, enforcement and infrastructure provision. However, I do not know if this program has been successful in New South Wales community where it was implanted. In any case, theoretically and at first sight it seems a good measure of the local government.

To conclude, I just wanted to show a recycling guide I have founded which it could be useful to guide our new ecological behaviour.

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3 comments on “Litter prevention program and recycling
  1. Susanne says:

    On the side that you have given us, you can find a section with the results of that litter prevention program. I have found another research study on this also conducted by the Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW).
    The overall results indicate that the program was a success. The waste was clearly reduced. Only one third of the people interviewed said that they have littered at some time over the course of the project. The most effective part of this program was informing the people about the consequences to produce waste.

  2. Susanne says:

    Oops, I forgot to hyperlink it correctly. My bet…

  3. jeremy says:

    Hmmm … is one third of people littering a good result 😦

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