Acciona is spanish company which has been awared for its good practices for the sustainaibility. It was one of firts companies in spain which focus in sustainability, In these days is also famous for buying a 10% of Endesas Shares. ( before the summer).
The acciona group have diferent activities: Infraestructures, constructions, state logistics and transport, renewable energy and so on. Urban sosteinable development.

I invited you to enter and watch what this company is doing.
I want also to show you two of their campains of sustainability, is in spanish but the images are quite good too impact you the same as they have done with me, although you do not understand the message.

First part, the meaning is what happen if we leave living in a development world, in the middle of the world what happens if we finish the natural resources?
This the future that you want? me no.

and finally the second part, in which they present solutions: renewable energy, and so on. also they said that is important to educate our children that it is posible to have development without puting in danger the environment and our lifes.

Sorry again for not being in english but I thought they are quite good videos to show even though they are in spanish, maybe if you search on the net you could found them in english i do not know.

Also I remind you that you have more interesting information in acciona´s web site

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One comment on “Acciona
  1. jeremy says:

    Very good. The powerful imagery means it is not a problem for non-Spanish speakers.

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