P&G and saving water practices


As I said before in spain is a big problem, so the companies are also involved in helping to save water.

One of the best practice for me was the one of P&G with ariel. This year they made a campaing to save water, and by buying the product the compromise to give some of the cost to WWF/Adena.

Video of the campaign. It is called every drop counts http://www.marketingnews.es/Gran_Consumo/20060714003
Result of the campaign

At the end they achievied to save 4 million liters of water. and 40.000€
In addition in their uk page they gave an important advice to save water when you use the washing machine, you do this without any effort, just by washing at 30ºC.
So we can do to many things in our normal life to save water as you can see.

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One comment on “P&G and saving water practices
  1. jeremy says:

    This is very commendable, but I wonder just how sustainable P&G can claim to be. What proportion of their products/ packaging is biodegradable?

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