In spain is an important problem, every summer the south cities, and villages and the villages which are in the coast suffer water restritctions. The south rivers also suffer important droughts. In addition there a lot of tourism in that area during the summer, so you can imagine how important is the water in that area, because the tourism is one of the main economy activities.

The government makes every year a campaing to save the environment. The last one was the total is what is count, in spanish: el total es lo que cuenta.

Furthermore the goverment have a project to traspass water from the north rivers to the south ones. Because also the fields of the south need give quite good quality fruits and vegetables.

This had been a very controversial project, because the citizens of zaragoza, said that they also need the water, so they want to give water from the Ebro river to the south rivers.

Now they have started another consult it in the environment minister homepage

Finally I think that using recycle water for crops could be a good a idea.

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One comment on “SAVE WATER
  1. jeremy says:

    The river-linking idea is ridiculous in my opinion, and tantamount to the politicians trying to play God! Water recycling, on the hand, makes good ecological sense. This, too, is controversial, but less so if there is no alternative (as the residents of SE Queensland in Australia have recently discovered)!

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