Are we good citizens?

We all know that the Planet is going through an important ecology crisis. Just to give you some concrete examples :
– global average temperatures have increased from 13.7oC to 14.3oC in the last 100 years
– frequency of extreme weather (floods, droughts, storms) is increasing
– populations, ranges, migration patterns, and seasonal & reproductive behaviour of animals and plants, on land and in the sea, are changing…
We also know that some people in the world contribute more to this crisis than others. For example :
– If annual paper use in China (35 kilograms/person) were to climb to the US level of 342 kilograms, China would need more paper than the world currently produces
– If the Chinese had one or two cars in every garage and consumed oil at the U.S. rate, China would need over 80 million barrels of oil a day – slightly more than the 74 million barrels per day the world now produces.
But what about us? Are we much more like Americans or Chinese people? Do we have a good behaviour?
In my opinion, this is an important point… We all know the ecological problems but we often don’t know if we have a “so-bad” lifestyle.
I found a surprising quiz that helps us to answer this question. It asks us 15 questions and shows us how our behaviour is! I thought I was a good citizen but finally, if everybody lived as I do, we should need more than 2 planets to live!!
At the end of the test you will find :
– advice of what to do to improve our behaviour
(you can directly go here)
– different links to join the campaign
Let me know how many Planets you all need to survive!
I wanted to show you this quiz because I think it is a good way to make us aware that we are all responsible for the current situation BUT we all can do something to improve things.

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8 comments on “Are we good citizens?
  1. rene says:


  2. Claire says:

    1.9 planets, I still have to make some efforts…

  3. louise-anne says:

    and if everyone lived like me, we would need 2.8 planets.

  4. Ashley says:

    Looks like I’m not one of the best citizens after all! (and I thought I just had to stay out of trouble and go to school… lol)
    If you lived like me you would need 4.1 planets for each person. As an American, therer is truly alot of waste and inefficiencies in the way of life. I definitely plan on making some necessary changes!
    – Ashley

  5. Thush says:

    Thanks for that Leslie,it was very interesting… I hit a 5.3 Planets…Maybe its time to think of cutting down on my carnivorous eating patterns and also switch on to more walking and cycling…After watching the ‘Incovenient truth’ this afternoon it made me realise that it would be worth doing so!

  6. Martinlemalin says:

    Oh oh, for the way I am living now, we would need 9,2 planets to have a sustainable lifestyle. The worst part of it is that I have no way to get around these CO2 emissions I produce. Most of them come from the flying and driving around I have to do for work!!!

  7. craig says:

    I wish I had a low score but like martin I spend a bit of time in planes. It`s a bit unfair that 46 hrs of the 100 in the quiz were to get to this class. Yep I got 8.6 planets

  8. adam says:

    5.5 planets for me…but I still think they underestimated my food consumption…lucky me.

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