LifeStraw Invention

In relation to our presentations on Monday, I’ve located an innovative product that I recall reading about in recent mainstream magazines:
The LifeStraw is a result of a project collaboration between The Carter Center, and Swiss manufacturer Vestergaard Frandsen. This small device acts as a ‘personal water purification tool’ that initially allowed the residents within developing nations to remove the bacteria and disease from their drinking water. The device is currently priced at US$2, but the organization also collects subsidies and donations.
The useful life of the LifeStraw is currently 700 litres, or approximately 1 year. This product was highlighted in a 2005 TIME Magazine article. This item demonstrates the potential for successful collaboration of a for-profit company (Vestergaard carries other products) and a not-for-profit think tank.
A Wikipedia excerpt is also available here.
– Mike T.

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One comment on “LifeStraw Invention
  1. Ashley says:

    Very interesting….
    I guess it beats the alternative!!!

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