Stylish & Fast…. cars that run with NO Gas!!!!

Tesla Roadster: No Gasoline, Plenty of Juice
The New Electric Car Doesn’t Compromise on Style or Speed

May 14, 2007 —
It goes zero to 60 in about four seconds. Its top speed is 130 miles per hour. And it doesn’t use an ounce of gasoline.
It’s the Tesla Roadster, a new car that’s fueled entirely by electricity and could be hitting the lot just in time. Today the Energy Department reported that the average gallon of regular gasoline is now $3.10 — a new nominal record price for the United States.
The Tesla Roadster is named after Nicola Tesla, the largely forgotten genius inventor of alternating current electricity, and it’s the brainchild of Martin Eberhard, who said he designed it because he cares about the environment and because he wanted one for himself.
“It’s time for us to do something about our dependence on foreign oil,” Eberhard said. “It’s time for us to do something about global warming. But I wasn’t ready to go drive around some goofy little car. & Think of how electric cars look. All the ones you’ve ever thought of.”
There haven’t been many electric cars. Early automobiles ran on electricity, as did General Motor’s ill-fated and quickly abandoned EV1, which debuted in the 1990s and died soon thereafter. Eberhard said there’s “nothing beautiful” about the Prius, perhaps the best-known hybrid car. “It doesn’t do anything for me,” he said. “Think of it this way. A world of 100 percent hybrids is still 100 percent addicted to oil.”
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3 comments on “Stylish & Fast…. cars that run with NO Gas!!!!
  1. Ashley says:

    its a little pricey but if it gains mainstream acceptance, the future strategy will make it affordable for the average consumer.

  2. JM says:

    This is an interesting posting. The RCMP recently purchased a significant number of unmarked transport hybrid vehicles in an attempt to reduce emissions. Despite my organization’s attempt at sustainable development efforts in trying to reduce GHG’s as you pointed out in your article “100% hybrids is still 100% addicted to oil.” This is probably why Honda recently announced that it terminated the production of the Hybrid Accord model. Although Canadians, like my organization, are trying to cut GHG’s, technology is still not drastically sufficient enough to truly reduce GHG’s. The next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles such as hydrogen cell vehicles maybe the drastic measure our society is needing, besides complete erradication of private vehicles.
    I have to tell you that having spent the past month in France, I have a newly appreciation for public transportation and more importantly walking from point A to point B…. thanks for your posting!

  3. rene says:

    I love the idea of the electric car. What concerns me is that auto manufacturers have not wanted to commit to this in the past. Have a look at the video – “Who Killed the Electric Car”. It is somewhat of a conspiracy perspective, but after watching it I wander – where do the priorities of car manufactures lie? Is it with the good of the public, or is it with a vested interest they have in the oil industry. Judge for yourself…… How do we overcome this?

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