The last person to leave may not have any lights to turn out…

My reflection:
It is clear to me that sustainable development won’t make any real progress until almost all of the nations reach a critical state where the global economy becomes paralyzed by the environmental constraints. Until such a point, exploitation of countries whose ecologic limits have not been exhausted will remain a favored alternative. Only then will we begin to make real progress on the issue of sustainable development.
The above reflection came after my reading of an article appearing in The Economist (“Back to the Dark Ages”). Although the central idea to the article probably has less to do with sustainable development that it does with the state of affairs in Zimbabwe (particularly their economy), the following passage struck me as I believe I could actually be facing this in my lifetime:
“last week the national power company (in Zimbabwe) announced that it would ration electricity in cities, possibly to a meager four hours a day, just as the southern hemisphere’s winter is starting to bite.”
Concluding remarks:
As far as I know, Canadians (most of us anyway) are not taking this seriously as we have not yet truly felt the full impact of the devastation we have created (i.e. it’s still business as usual).

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One comment on “The last person to leave may not have any lights to turn out…
  1. Ashley says:

    I think that it will be very difficult to get the message out there regarding ecological economy and the global problems that we face regarding the limitations of our environment however I do think that with a good strategy global awareness and action can take place.
    In my opinions, the economist need to coordinate with a marketing organization to launch a marketing campaign initiative in an effort to raise awareness. This should be revolutionary in nature and must stress the personal and family aspects.
    The problem is no one thinks it can happen to them or they can’t comprehend the magnitude of the situation.
    – Ashley

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