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Hey folks,
As we all know sunny Ireland manages to produce quite a high amount of wind, especially in the west of the country. The company I am starting work for in September are the largest financers of wind farm projects in Ireland.
One of their projects is the Sorne Hill Wind farm Project in County Donegal. This in in the north west of the country.
This wind power generation will actually reduce the cost of energy to consumers.
there are obviously a few glitches but its a pretty interesting read, even if you just look at the summary.

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6 comments on “Wind Power
  1. JM says:

    hey buddy…!
    Looks like a great company to work for…! I saved a copy of the article you posted, and will take time to read it later in August during our school break. However, I wanted to tell you that if your company is thinking about expanding its operations in other areas of high velocity, they may want to look at Nunavut…in the eastern arctic of Canada. Nunavut is generally very flat and constantly experiencing high winds…I’m thinking with cheaper transportation costs into the territory companies such as yours maybe more willing to conduct experiments in remote areas such as Nunavut. In return Nunavut could use successful alternative energy source for its 26 communities currently supplied in electricity by fossil fuel generators.

  2. Pascal Bessette says:

    Canada tries as well to develop green energy production strategies. Many suppliers of energy have old installations and need to replace them in the near future, especially in Ontario and Nunavut. This Province and Territory still produce energy with the help of coal centrals and diesel generators. For a couple of years now, the province postpones the replacement of these centrals because of a lack of financing, while Nunavut has not plans of replacing the generators. Energy is a provincial jurisdiction, however, our Federal Government must be more proactive in providing financial incentives for provinces or territories who wish to replace their old installations for “green energy installations.”
    Some regions in Canada have already followed that path, for example, the “Péninsule Gaspésienne” in Québec, have a farm of 133 wind turbines and installed power of 100 MW. Moreover, this place has become a tourist attraction. Therefore, this initiative is good for the economy of the region and for the environment. You can visit this link to learn more about the farm, and see one of the biggest (but not anymore in function), windmill farm.
    We live in the second largest geographical country in the world. As a result, we have large empty spaces in each province that can be used to build windmill farms. Despite these empty spaces some provincial governments chose to dam rivers to build hydro-electricity stations. Although, I prefer windmill farms to hydro station, they both are greener options than fossil fuel generators which cause an increase in carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.
    Canada has already wind structure in many provinces. The five largest wind farms in Canada are : Prince Project in Ontario with 189 MW; Murdochville Project in Québec with 162 MW; Centennial in Saskatchewan with 149.4 MW; Erie Shores in Ontario with 99 MW; and St Leon in Manitoba with 84 MW. So, why not follow the path of these best practices and be a proactive country just like Ireland?
    Go Ireland Go!

  3. JM says:

    I found this article on about windmil farms in France. It appears that France is in direct competition with Ireland in this area…see the link.
    According to the article there are incentive from the French Government…I wonder if Ireland give incentive to promote such technology?

  4. cein says:

    As far as I know they do not compete. The power created in Ireland is used in Ireland. Wind energy still accounts for only a small amout of the energy requirements in Ireland. The irish government supportss small scale projects in ordrer to encourage new entrants to the market. They also encourage private investors to invest in renewable energy companies by offering them tax relief on investments.
    I hope this answers your question, if not let me know and I’ll try to do better!!!

  5. JM says:

    Maybe my choice of words was incorrect…I do realize that Ireland is not competing with France… sorry about that. I simply meant that Ireland and France seem pretty supportive of such initiatives.
    You answered the question very well (for once!!!!;-) It appears that governments need to be involved in this sector much more than they currenlty are…THen again as I’m writting perhaps private sector needs to be MORE involved then they are at the present time…after all they won’t have anything to sell or fabricate if the earth is no longer viable…thoughts!!!!

  6. cein says:

    I agree with you that governments need to be involved more and go out and atract investment. I think renewable energy resources are a great investment opportunity for private sector investors due to these incentives being offered..hopefully the right people will realise this and put the required investment into them.
    Do you think I could buy a windmill with my last €5!!!

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