Al Gore’s movie – “An Inconvenient Truth”

This is a great “eye opening” movie that identifies some of the major issues facing human existence and sustainability on this planet! Al Gore is noble and does a great job in promoting awareness of the global issues at hand.
I will promote this film and do my part in raising awareness in the U.S. however i feel that Al Gore can greatly broaden the reach of his message by making this video available online for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, as a jet-setting, author and politician, he can also do his part by driving around in fuel efficient vehicles instead of the stylish 8 cyclinder gas guzzling Mercedez Benz S class that he was being chauffered in during the film. If he’s going to talk the talk.. he should walk the walk!!!!

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4 comments on “Al Gore’s movie – “An Inconvenient Truth”
  1. jeremy says:

    I’m pretty sure I read on that the proceeds go to support the PR campaign. Agree on the gas-guzzling car and the air miles, but hey, maybe he did a carbon offset when he got to the hotel room 😉

  2. Barry says:

    Denzel, did you also notice the ‘brand placement’ of apple – very well done by Al. I think he is a knob (but thats probably my aussie tall poppy syndrome, or maybe my dislike of using family misfortune to push self promotion), but not as much as Bush, and his heart appears to be in the right place. BUT…for Al Gores movie, there is a growing body of dissenters. I remeber watching a show, I think it is a weekly sitcom that has ‘bullshit’ in the title, it looked into land fill and recycling in a very neggative way (but was very funny) – i think they ended up having about 12 recycling bins put out the front of one house.
    I think the message is much more important than the movie – push the books and the scientific based research/shows that can carry a lot more weight – and raise with your clients the impact of climate change and about risk management and what are they doing about it….at least having the client’s thinking about it starts the process. In Australia, most of my clients are not only adopting better SD approaches, but are looking at ways to invest in and develop green technologies (or under licence, taking it to ‘market’). Love your cynacism also,

  3. Pascal Bessette says:

    Bottom line, personally, I think the World needs individuals like Al Gore to warn the population about global warming. Most people in America do not know about the glacier’s melting in Kilimanjaro. Many inhabitants of Australia do not know about what is happening in the Patagonia region…So, this movie really shocked me and I will, like, Ashley, promote this film and do my part in raising awareness, especially in my community.
    If I tell at least 10 persons to watch the movie and those 10 persons will tell a 10 other persons and so and so, the awareness process will start and maybe, we will be able to reach the objective for 2025 about CO2 reduction.

  4. rene says:

    I agree that this movie is both an eye opener and a useful tool for disseminating information about Global Warming. I really enjoyed the use of graphs and statistics to illustrate the severity of the issues. My only hope is that the future polititians of our nation also watch the movie and take it to heart. Maybe if we can get a Democrat into office again real changes can be made. I will do my part to make sure that my family and friends watch the movie as well.

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