Global warming ?? No …

A famous french scientist Claude Allègre wrote in September 2006 an article that lead to a big controversy in France. He was, 20 years ago, one of the first scientists who started to worry about CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and its potential disastreous effects. But recently he totally changed his mind. As he has quite an impressive resumae, we can’t say that the man is an idiot who just needs some attention.
According to Claude Allègre, there are climate changes ( that he does not deny), but we can’t say that these are caused by carbon dioxide. He also says and prooves that Antartica is currently gaining ice and that the Kilimanjiro ice melting is due to natural causes, not human behaviors.
This man is a scientist, his previous demonstrations were recognized by the whole scientific community. He disagrees with Al Gore and most of the scientific research studies on greenhouse effect / global warming. I don’t agree with this guy: I am more convinced by Al Gore demonstration. But I just wanted to know what you guys think about that . The fact that some scientists keep denying that human behaviors and mass consumption don’t have effect on our planet : doesn’t it prevent citizens and governments to take serious measures ?
The article that Claude Allègre wrote was taken very seriously for instance by the US Government and I think that these information (or “misinformation” ?) can explain and justify some lack in governmental / global policy. On this website, you’ll find a US Senate report in which you can read some weird affirmations like “Climate Change is Nothing New” or – even better- “Droughts Less Frequent”.
I don’t know if we should laugh or cry reading this …

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